Can a dog be too lovable? Here are some of the actual conversations from our Facebook Dog Chat with the help of Dr. Brett Bauscher of Canyon Small Animal Hospital.

Q: I have a 16 week old Golden Retriever who is constantly trying to make love to my leg. Is this a dominance issue? If so, how do I make this stop?

A: Most of the time “humping” behavior is a form of play for puppies. It is rarely sexually motivated especially in such a young puppy. This behavior can be way for dogs to exhibit dominance over other dogs but it’s unlikely that’s the motivation for this puppy. The best thing to do is distract the puppy by redirecting him to another activity. Redirecting would be far better than scolding. He will likely outgrow the behavior. Neutering can help (again assuming the motivation is sexual) and would be advised unless he is intended for breeding. Some sexually motivated behaviors can become habitual and wont go away even if he is neutered.




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