Dog_FightHere are some of the actual conversations from our Facebook Dog Chat with the help of Dr. Brett Bauscher of Canyon Small Animal Hospital.

Q: Any suggestions for two, two year old dogs, that were adopted from two different homes, that fence fight and have had a year of personal training and act well behaved when the trainer is around?

Dr. Bauscher: Just a quick question – are they fighting with each other, or are the fighting with the neighbors dogs on the other side of the fence?

Customer: Any dog that passes by the house or the neighbors dog…they get along fine with each other. A can with rocks and duck tape on it will get the attention of the German Shepherd but my rottie is another story. I have always had well behaved rottie before and he is another story.

A: Dr. Bauscher: It sounds as if your rottie is very territorial. Two options…do not allow your dog around the fence, or continue with training to curb unwanted behavior. The trainer possibly should set up a remote scenario to observe any problematic behavior.


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