Santa’s bells are getting closer. If you’re still scratching your head wondering what to get the gardener in your life, here’s a list of a few things that I think any gardener would be delighted to receive.

A Japanese hori-hori knife, my favorite garden tool, is a cross between a trowel and a knife. It works for just about any job. It gives you good leverage when digging weeds and is perfect for planting in containers or tight areas. It comes with a holster so you can carry it right on your belt. You can find one at the gift shop at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

Speaking of which, how about a one-year membership at the Idaho Botanical Garden That means when you feel the need to escape you can head to the garden for some peace and quiet and to revive your spirits. You’ll get into the garden free, special events and classes will have a reduced cost and you’ll receive the newsletter and their education catalog four times a year.

christmas gifts on a bench

Felco pruners! They are not the cheapest pruners you can buy but they are well worth the money. The blades can be removed for sharpening, which makes perfect sense. They are available for small and large hands, arthritic hands or even left-handed gardeners and run about $50. Carry these in a leather holster with your Felcos on one hip and the hori-hori knife on the other. You’ll look like a gardening cowboy with tools instead of six-shooters.

How about a gift certificate for a gardening magazine? There are dozens to choose from. Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Garden Design, Sunset and on it goes. Check them out at one of the local bookstores or your favorite D&B Supply. Select one, send in the subscription, then wrap the magazine and put it under the tree. You’ll be thanked each time the magazine arrives.

While you’re at the bookstore you might as well choose a good garden book like; Sagebrush Country by Ronald Taylor, Yard Full of Sun by Chuck Calhoun, The Undaunted Gardener by Lauren Springer, The Well-Tended Perennial Garden by Tracy di-Sabato Aust, Sunset Western Garden, or any of the Audubon books. You can never have too many garden books. Well, maybe. That’s why sometimes you have to pass books on. Replacement room.

A gift certificate to a favorite nursery is always a fun gift. When the new plants arrive and the weather says plant, you’re already off and running. You might get a tree or a pair of gloves or some cool garden art. How about a yard or two of compost? I usually end up spending a gift certificate a dozen times before I actually make a decision and part with the money.

And last, but certainly not least, a garden journal and a camera will be the gift that gives the most. Everyone should have them to record the best of what’s happening in their garden.

Okay, I’ve done my part. Happy shopping!



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