Behavior or the wrong food? This Facebook Dog Chat question came along with some frustration that we could feel.

Q: My dog keeps getting into the trash. It is becoming a real problem. I have caught her 3 times just today! She will do it even with her bowl of food still full. We haven’t changed her food, the amount or schedule. I can be gone for two minutes, come back and the trash is strewn about and shes eating something! I punish her when I catch her in the act but she doesn’t seem deterred by this at all. She knows it is wrong because right when I come in, she runs and cowers, then crawls around until I see it. What is going on?!?!

A: Wow what a challenge! This sounds more like a behavior problem than a nutrition concern. some things to consider would be to move the trash to another place, offer some other activities to avoid boredom, and last but not least you may not have found the right flavor of dogfood yet.


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