Over there. No, over there. To the left, back to the right. If your dog could speak, would this be a common conversation between the two of you? Here are some of the actual conversations from our Facebook Dog Chat with the help of Dr. Brett Bauscher of Canyon Small Animal Hospital.

dogQ: I have an Australian Shepherd mix, JericoLee, who seems to break out in irritated spots that blossom into a widespread rash anytime he gets even a single flea.
I use flea preventative on my cats but have never used it on JericoLee due to deep concern he will have a reaction similar or worse to being given heartworm preventative: drooling, head rocking,falling over, seeming like he couldn’t keep his head up and tremors bordering on seizure. He got over it in a few days, but the same horrible symptoms recurred upon administering the next month’s dose. I stopped using it altogether and instead keep him inside when mosquitoes are prevalent and watching him closely when we’re out, and for fleas I’ve been bathing him once or twice a week or immediately after playing with the neighborhood dogs whom always seem to have alot of fleas. I usually wash him with oatmeal shampoo, but have used my mother’s very expensive herbal shampoo that seemed to work fine. Are there any shampoos or treatments you think would be safe for JericoLee? I have been told he may carry a ‘collie’ gene that causes hypersensitivity to medications and anesthesia, should I have the test done to find out? Or should I continue being vigilant and bathing him often? He does love being washed, he actually runs and jumps into the tub when I say the word ‘bath’, his little stubtail breaking the sound barrier with excitement.

A: Dogs with flea bite allergic dermatitis have zero tolerance for fleas. Unfortunately as long as your neighbors refuse to take care of their flea problem, you will have a flea problem. Shampoos are not effective enough for dogs that have severe flea bite sensitivity. There are prescription products available that dogs are sensitive to, avermectin products, that you can use. A professional exterminator should be consulted to remove the fleas & eggs from their environment. — Dr. Bauscher

Thank you Jill for the picture as well.

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