Thank you to the Canyon County Animal Shelter and website for this excerpt from the Premier edition Whiskers & Wags Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

One in 10 humans is left-handed, but in the animal world this is more common. Find out if your cat is a lefty.

Cat and cardboard

Use this quick and easy tip to find out if your cat is a lefty.

You will need:

  • A cardboard toilet paper tube
  • Cat treats

Lay the cardboard tube horizontally on the floor and secure it in place with tape. Introduce your cat to this new item. Show him a treat then place the treat inside the tube. This is where your job as a researcher begins. Watch carefully and see which paw your cat uses to get the treat out of the tube. Record whether it was the right or left paw. Repeat the test 10 times, watching and recording which paw is used each time. If he loses interest (or gets full) you might have to take a break and finish later. Which paw did your cat use most often? This will indicate whether he is right- or left-pawed. If your cat used each paw equally well, he is ambidextrous (both right- and left-pawed).

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