At what age can your hens, chickens and roosters eat, mingle and be merry? Here are some of the actual conversations from the event that we hope will help you answer your chicken questions.

Q: At what age is it safe to put baby chicks in with six month old silkies?

A: Chicks should be 8-12 weeks old before trying to introduce.

Q: What is the life span for a chicken?

A: A Chicken can live 8-12 years if well taken care of.

Additional feedback from customers:

Unfortunately, they only lay eggs for the first few.


Q: My one year old hen has been hiding for several months (I thought she was dead) and just today I found her in my raspberry bush with eight baby chicks! They are just starting to get feathers. How can I tell how old they are, and what should I feed them?

A: Sounds like they are about 3-4 weeks old and be sure to give them some Chick Starter until about 16 weeks.

Q: What ages do you switch food types?

A: From Chick Starter to 16%, usually at sixteen weeks. When they start laying, switch to layer feed. Click here to see the different kids of chicken feed available online and in your favorite D&B Supply store.

Q: Do we keep our hens on Omega3 or do we switch it up every now and again?

A: Omega3 is a safe supplement that is fine to give year round. And eventually, you will benefit from the supplement, right?

Q: Our Andalusian hens just started laying eggs, they are really small, will they get bigger?

A: Bantams will lay smaller eggs (3 eggs = 2 for cooking). Large fowl lay large white eggs.

Additional feedback from customers:

As a chicken gets older her eggs will continue to get larger. Their first eggs are often very small.

Q: My light brahm is from my original flock. She is 6 years old. How long do they live and how long do hens lay eggs?

A: They can live up to 12 years with good care and will lay for a good portion of that time, but it will decreases as time goes by (dropping dramatically after year 3).

Q: How much grit do chicks need? They emptied their food hopper all over their box. Wasn’t sure if they were looking for grit. We are feeding them 18% Medicated Chick starter.

A: Chicks actually don’t need grit, crumbles is all they need. When they scratch the feed out of their feeder, they are just practicing being chickens! Grit can be started as soon as they leave the brooder.



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