Those chicks, hens and roosters need to stay warm in the winter months. Here are some of the actual conversations from the event that we hope will help you answer your chicken questions.

Q: I just bought three baby chicks at D&B today. I was told that they are 2-3 weeks old. With the weather getting colder, I am wondering when I can put them in the coop outside. How old do they need to be handle the right temperatures?

A: Chicks need to be fully feathered, about 8-9 weeks and may need supplemental heat if the weather goes below freezing.

Q: When using supplemental light in the coop, how strong does the artificial light have to be (e.g. a clear 150W heatlamp? A 60W bulb?) Also, where should it be located in the coop?

A: As far as the watts: It doesn’t matter as long as it has 13-14 hours of daylight to lay eggs. Location: High enough so the chicks won’t peck it or their feathers won’t bump it. Be safe so they won’t break it.


Q: How low does the temperature have to drop before you need heat in the coop?

A: Anything under 32 degrees in the coop. Always remember to check their water and make sure it is not frozen.

Q: What is the ideal winter temperature for the coop of laying hens. How much ventilation is necessary?

A: Using a standard heating lamp, if it drops below 32 degrees, shall keep wattles and feet from freezing. Keep flooring dry with bedding and opening the hatch of the chicken run during the day should be sufficient


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