From table scraps to eggs, chickens will eat just about anything you put in front of them. Here are some of the actual conversations from the event that we hope will help you answer your chicken questions.

Q: Are grapes safe for chickens to eat?

A: Yes! They love chasing after them and it is so fun to watch!

Q: We have four hens who are about seven months old. We are feeding them lay crumble, about 32 oz. a day. They also get some grass and scraps but the always act like they are starving. Suggestions?

A: Chickens are like social butterflies, they come a runnin’ when they know scraps are being handed out. They are constantly scratching at the ground looking for any extra nibbles.

Q: What causes a chicken to eat the egg after they lay them?

A: Can be from overcrowding, or lack of calcium or protein in their diet. We recommend layer feed and free choice oyster shell. Remember, don’t dilute the protein in the layer feed by feeding to much scratch.


Q: How do you get a chicken to stop eating its eggs?

A: Great question, here are some reasons why and how to stop it: Although this is rare, it does happen and most often in crowded coops.

Additional feedback from customers:

After raising chickens for countless years, the only way I’ve found to get a chicken to stop eating it’s egg (or the other hens eggs!) is the eat that chicken! We all know how tasty those eggs are…when the hens find out too…it’s all over!

Q: Is it a good practice to feed back the egg shells?

A: Because of the chance of salmonella and turning your hens into egg eaters, it can be just as easy to feed oyster shell vs. refeeding the shells.

Q: I rinse my egg shells out and then bake them in the oven to sanitize them. Then I crush them in my hands so that they no longer look like eggs. In this scenario is there a problem with putting them out for the chickens to eat?

A: No, if you do all that they are probably fine – it may be easier to just do oyster shell, though!

Q: Is there anything in a typical Idaho yard that i absolutely shouldn’t let them eat?

A: You’re probably safe. Chickens who have a good selection will tend to stay away from items that aren’t good for them. For example, tomato leaves can be toxic, but only if they eat a large amount of them.

Q: We just located and purchased some organic no soy, no corn, no GMO layer pellets from a source in Portland, OR, do you have any plans for a similar feed in the near future?

A: We can special order any time. You can contact your local D&B and they will take care of you. Thanks!





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