If you have roosters, you know when the sun is up. If you have chickens, do you know what time of day makes them happy enough to lay eggs? Here are some of the actual conversations from the event that we hope will help you answer your chicken questions.

Q: What is the time of day that the chickens should lay?

A: Chickens usually lay in the early morning until noon.

Additional feedback from customers:

We appear to have some strange birds cause ours appear to get the laying done after noon until as late as 6-7pm (and when the summer evenings were sunny, till after 9).

Q: Looking to get chickens soon. When is the best time of year? And what type if chicken is best around kids?

A: The Buff Orpington is best. They are a bigger breed and they can’t fly as much due to their weight and size.

Additional feedback from customers:

Best time of year depends on whether you have winter accommodations arranged for your new chickens. You will need housing that keeps them out of the wind, water that either doesn’t freeze or gets thawed/changed several times a day.

Q: How many hours of daylight should we attempt to provide in the winter? And s there an artificial light thats helps?

A: A minimum of 15 hours of light per day will keep them laying well. Any artificial light will do – a bulb, or even christmas lights will work!

Q: Our hens just started laying eggs, since we haven’t figured out exactly when they are laying them, if say there outside in nesting box for hour or 2 they are not safe to eat correct?

A: If you collect them at least once per day they should be fine to eat.

Q: Asked mid-September: Is it to late to let the hen set on eggs?

A: Depends on the hen. If she is a “good Mama” she will keep them warm. Otherwise, if they broody and you don’t want chicks, just kick them off the nest and gather the eggs daily. Thanks!


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