When, where and why do they molt? Here are some of the actual conversations from the event that we hope will help you answer your chicken questions.

Q: I think my chicken is molting… how do I tell?

A: Alician, now is premium molting time. Molt happens when daylight shortens and occurs in a specific sequence, going from the head/neck, down the back, legs, and then tail. If your chicken is molting in this sequence, chances are they’re molting. Check out our new molting feed at www.featherfixer.com

Q: She’s only dropped a couple of tail feathers but she wants to sleep all the time and she just doesn’t seem herself… but I don’t see anything else to indicate she could be sick…

A: Molting should NOT make your birds act sick. If they act sick, something else is wrong.

Q: How long can it take for a chicken to start growing its feathers back in from a molt? One of my chickens has lost feather about 3 months ago and yet still no new ones. She is still consistently laying eggs though.

A: it will depend on the bird – some will drop feathers and grow back in as fast as 4 weeks while some take 3 months. Usually best layers molt the hardest. To grow feathers back faster, check out Featherfixer.com.

Q: Is this still going to help support their laying? Should I mix this with their normal food?

A: Just feed as the sole ration. It has all the nutrition of layer feed but with extra goodies!

Q: This new Feather Fixer Poultry feed, is it ok to feed all the time or should it be rotated? My chicken have missing feathers on their back from my rooster, will this help?

A: You can absolutely feed that year round. It helps prevent mites as well as helps feather growth and quality. It should help a bit with your hens, but sometimes roosters just love them a little too much.

Q: What causes a chicken to lose all the under tail feathers near their vent (bum naked) Could this be from a mite?

A: Mites or lice could cause this. Check out http://www.featherfixer.com.




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