They have the ability to fly, but some choose to stay where they are fed and loved in a warm, comfortable hen house. Here are some of the actual conversations from our fall Chicken Chat that we hope will help you answer your chicken questions.

Q: I have a fenced back yard and I like to let my chickens out and roam around but they always find a way into the neighbors yard. Any ideas of how I can still let them out but keep them in my yard?

A: Keeping their flight feathers trimmed will help keep them at bay. Story’s Guide To Raising Chickens has a detailed illustration on how to do so properly.

Q: What is the best choice to put in laying boxes between straw, wood shavings or shredded paper?

A: Anything that keeps the eggs cushioned and stops them from breaking is good.

Q: Is there anything that we can put in the coop to keep them from pecking at each other? We have ten hens, zero rooster.

A: Making your coop bigger might be an option. Besides that, you can use something to distract them, like a scratch block. That will give them something to peck at other than each other!

Q: We have a Silver Wydotte rooster that is a bit spoiled but crows a lot mostly to get attention. Is there anything we can do to halt some of his noise?

A: Not a whole lot – roosters do love to crow! Not just in the morning, either, right?


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