With the official rodeo events having been covered (part 1 and part 2), there are still other things in the arena that you’ll want to make sure you  know about. Still not sure what to expect? Keep your eyes open for these unofficial events:

1. The Lap Of Royal Terror

This happens when one of the attending rodeo queens is put atop a horse with which she is less-than-comfortable. She’s still bedazzled, and flashing her pearly whites around the arena, but as she gallops about, her eyes belie the fact that she only cares about one thing right then: dismounting as soon as possible!

2. Riding The Officials

Who are those guys in Wranglers and black-and-white striped shirts, anyways? The way the crowd boos when they collaborate on a low score for a rider, you’d think they were there specifically to anger the attendees! Clearly, though, we know how a ride should score from the our seats, and they’re handicapped by being up close, and eye level.

3. The Beer Dodge

(This is also known as the “Whiskey Dodge” at the Pendleton Round-Up.) Inevitably, someone near you will put your clothes in jeopardy of a soaking with domestic alcoholic beverages. Scoring this event is difficult, as it balances points between seeing the beer carrier tottering toward the participant, and successfully avoiding the dampening.


4. Cosmetics Wrestling

Although there are many beautiful women at the rodeo, it evades a few that sitting down-front during roughstock events that may bring about unpredictable results to face, hair, and clothing. The combination of large animals and powerful kicking will occasionally cause a change in appearance, ranging different shades of brown through green depending on the substance thrown into the seating area. Scoring depends on the amount of surprise and resultant smearage.

5. Slicker Spotting

City folks are more than welcome at rodeos, and can often use the help of someone who knows their way around to guide them through the rodeo action. After all, any opportunity to share the western way of life is a good opportunity. City slickers are tricky to spot sometimes, though, so here are some hints to spotting them: look for western wear cleaner than yours, ill-fitting hats, and jeans that aren’t stacked. Anyone who has eschewed the beer tent to sip chardonnay has made themselves an easy target, and does not score as highly.


6. The Collective Groan

The guy out there in the arena wearing makeup is the subject of this event. He’s supposed to be there to entertain you and help the bullfighters, but sometimes he just gets carried away. Your job is to get him back on track via this team event. Let him know by groaning loudly, and bringing the attention of the announcer toward your dissent. Any further fouling via comedy will be penalized by loud cheering for bulls to topple his barrel.

The point of these unofficial events? There’s something for everybody at your local rodeo, regardless of where you’re from or what you find entertaining. Go enjoy!


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