After we got the horses, we called a farrier to come do both horse’s hooves. Chocolate hadn’t had hers done in a long time, and had been allowed to grow so long that they broke off, were jagged and uneven. Barbie’s weren’t too bad, but the front hooves had been trimmed too long so that they stuck out, making her roll back on her heels.

The day the farrier came it was raining cats and dogs, so we started out in the shelter of the barn. Chocolate was first; she was a little freaked out because Barbie was still in the pasture, and she couldn’t see her. Once it stopped raining, the farrier finished outside. Chocolate did much better when she could see her buddy. Because her hooves were so short, he had to just file them down a little to smooth them out. Barbie did awesome and just fell asleep while her hooves were being done. She looked like she was thinking something along the lines of, “Finally, a pedicure; it’s about time!”


The farrier also pulled off Chocolate’s chestnuts. Chestnuts look like little scabs on the inside of each leg on a horse. They naturally grow and need to be pulled off so that they don’t catch on anything. Chocolate’s were very long, and she really didn’t like them to be touched, so the farrier made it really quick and just pulled them off as fast as he could. It doesn’t hurt them, but she was just being touchy about it.

The farrier was very friendly and gave us lots of advice on the care of their hooves. He pointed out that Chocolate has very soft hooves that tend to wear down easily, so he wanted us to put boots on her hooves to protect them if we were to ride on the road from being worn down too fast.

The farrier was a recommendation from a friend, and we felt like we learned a lot from him in just the few minutes that he was there.



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