I really hated to leave Barbie by herself, so I sat down and figured some numbers as to whether I could afford another horse. I pay for all of the expenses of a horse by teaching piano lessons to twelve wonderful students. To my surprise, the numbers came out with some to spare! My grandma, who heard about our predicament, told me that she would be willing to buy a horse that I might not be able to afford myself. It would be a present for my birthday, Christmas, and birthday next year! I still have to pay for the on-going expenses myself.

Girl and a horse

J and K Farms, the place where we got Barbie, had another horse that we really liked, but at the time I didn’t have enough money to buy her. Chocolate Bar is a black mare that is half Pony of America, one fourth Appaloosa, and one fourth Thoroughbred. She is 15 hands tall and was Barbie Doll’s old pasture buddy. We went back and rode her again, and I liked her as much as I remembered. The only problem is that Chocolate is very overweight, and because of the fat on her sides, sometimes the saddle slips on her. You really can’t tighten the cinch enough without it slipping!

Chocolate had never been off the property except on trail rides, so I was a little concerned that she may have a problem trailering. The weekend before we got her, I asked if we could load her just to get an idea of how she would do. Chocolate jumped right in without a problem!

The day we got Chocolate, she climbed into the trailer without a fuss. As soon as we opened the trailer doors, Barbie Doll started whinnying. Chocolate was a little freaked out at first, but as soon as she saw Barbie, she calmed right down.

We have had Chocolate for about week now, and are totally in love with her.

Chocolate and Barbie are super happy together, and I’m so glad they get along!


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