Flower TowerCally Miller, from accounts payable at the D&B corporate office, made a flower tower over the weekend, but with a brilliant twist. By inserting a one inch PVC pipe down the middle, she made it possible to water her tower evenly and all the way around. Here are her directions and photos from her project.

I started with a couple different pots that had drain holes in the bottom. One was actually the top of a chicken feeder that had broke, I spray painted it red.

I used 14 gallon welded fabric, 36in. x 50ft. with 2in. x 4in. holes. I measured my pots and overlapped the wire by one square and zip tied it.

Using a 3×50 weed barrier, I measured the welded fabric cage and made it a little longer to¬†overlap. I put the barrier inside the cage and zip tied it to the top. The cage went inside the pot and was filled with dirt.

I used a one inch PVC pipe for the watering system that waters the tower from the inside out.  Drill holes up and all around the pipe and cap off the bottom to prevent the water from draining out. Make the pipe long enough to sit on the dirt at pot level and it has to stick out of the top enough to water down it.

Cut the weed barrier in a checkerboard pattern and insert the flowers or herbs.

Flower Tower


    • Cally Miller says:

      I was afraid if I wrapped the pipe with weed barrier it wouldn’t let the water out very easily. The holes in the pipe weren’t very large and when you stick the hose down the pipe it blows the dirt out if any was in it. I had built one last weekend everything except the flowers yesterday I filled the pipe with enough water I could see the water top to bottom coming out the fabric.

      • Cally Miller says:

        Hello Michael,
        I went with the PVC pipe because I thought it would hold up better to the amount of dirt I had to use. I used almost 4 cu. ft of dirt so they are extremely heavy once they are finished, I would be worried the dirt would crush the drip hose.
        Hope this helps.

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