Girl with a horsePlease welcome 14 year old Michaela Coy as our newest D&B blogger. She is an outstanding, hard working young woman who is teaching piano lessons to save enough money to buy herself a new horse . She has saved enough money for one horse, Barbie Doll, and is continuing to save her money to purchase another. Way to go Michaela, we are thrilled that you are sharing your journey with us! -D&B Supply

I have been looking for a horse for my sister and I. I wanted one that everyone could ride, and one that would not be too fast or too slow. We had looked at about three other horses that we found on Craigslist. They just weren’t what we were looking for, and each had little quirks (every horse does) that we didn’t want to deal with.

I wanted a horse that was about 15 hands and anywhere from five to eighteen years old. I really would have preferred a gelding, but mares are what are on the market right now. I am paying for the horse myself, so I had a limited budget. There are a lot of great horses out there, but few in my price range.

That’s when we found Barbie Doll. She sounded great from the ad, but we weren’t sure how big she would be because she is a Pony of America. The ad also described her as ‘cinchy’, meaning that when you go to tighten the cinch on the saddle she could react.

So my mom called and asked if she was still for sale and why they were asking such a small price. It turned out that we knew the man that was selling her, had met his horses before and knew that the horses were healthy and well-trained.

We went out and met Barbie one afternoon. Ken Bateman of J & K Farms in Meridian owns many P.O.A.s that are for sale and has a hard time getting around due to recent back surgery. When we got out to Barbie’s pen, he forgot to grab a halter. Instead of going all the way back to the tack room, he leaned down and picked up a wad of twine on the ground and fashioned a halter for her head. I would not normally have climbed on a horse I didn’t know without a bridle, but I trusted Ken and we knew he wouldn’t have us doing anything unsafe.  So I climbed on Barbie and started to ride around the pasture. The twine halter kept slipping into her eyes, so we pulled it off and wrapped it around her neck. I have never ridden a horse without some sort of bridle or halter, but I had a great time on Barbie and was amazed at her obedience without a saddle or bridle. My sister also did really well on her and came to the same conclusion that I did…..we both loved her!

Girl and a horse

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