Girl on a swingAfter our nine year old daughter fell off her bike and damaged the growth plates in her wrist, she had to be splinted for two weeks. The purple Ace bandage, that held all three layers together, ended up looking like a rejected Fraggle Rock character after two days of wear and tear.

Trying to find an Ace bandage that was not white or cream was becoming a very difficult task to do on a late, Saturday afternoon. Two seconds after we passed by the Meridian D&B, I yelled out “Co-Flex!” We turned around and bought three colorful rolls of Co-Flex to replace the purple monster that occupied our daughters arm. As we are walking out, my husband said, “D&B really does have everything.”

Has D&B come to your rescue? Have you uttered the words “D&B really does have everything.” Email us at social <at> dbsupply <dot> com with your story and a picture or two, and we will showcase your moment that D&B came to your rescue.

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