PBR logoThank you to DeWalt for their sponsorship of the 2013 Professional Bull Riders DeWalt Guaranteed Tough Invitational coming to the Idaho Center on April 26th and 27th. This is a twenty year celebration of the PBR with it’s inception starting in a Scottsdale, Arizona hotel room with twenty riders investing $1000 each. You can say that they have done quite well since 1992. You can read the entire story by Keith Ryan Cartwright by clicking here.

Don’t miss this year’s PBR at the Idaho Center by getting your tickets now with a 20% off code that can be used when you purchase tickets online. Use the code DEWALT when checking out. Check out the PBR on Facebook and be sure to visit the Meridian D&B Supply from 11am to 1pm on Friday, April 26th, to meet two DeWalt riders and get their autograph.

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