Potato Farmer

It is time to get your potato seeds in the ground! D&B is carrying the following kinds of potatoes in stock (and online) this year:

Purple Viking: 949886

Red Pontiac: 948718

Russet Burbank: 947666

Yukon Gold: 831373

All Blue: 831374

What is your favorite kind of potato and why?

We found this poem from a 1961 publication titled An Anthology of the Potato for the Irish Potato Marketing Company, Ltd. All poems in this edition are in English, or translated from Irish into English. Enjoy.

We praise all the flowers that we fancy

Sip the nectar of fruit ere they’re peeled,

Ignoring the common old tater

When, in fact, he’s King of the Field.

Let us show the old boy we esteem him,

Sort of dig him up out of the mud;

Let us show him he shares our affections

And crown him with glory—Kind Spud

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