Chickens FeedingOn Saturday, March 9th, 2013 Susan Hasbrouck with the company ALL-BOUT-CHICKENS will be doing chicken seminars at 1pm, and 2pm at the new Boise D&B Supply in the Overland Shopping Center and answering questions in-between. She has vast knowledge and great enthusiasm about chickens. You can see her products on the D&B Supply website by clicking here.

Here is a brief bit of health information that Susan will be discussing this Saturday.

Pasting Up: As you move baby chicks from their shipping box into their brooder kit (which you’ve set up and heated in advance, of course!) check them for “pasting up” — a condition in which their droppings cake up and block their vent opening, preventing them from passing any more droppings. This problem will be pretty obvious; you won’t have to go poking around their insides to see it. The dried poo will be stuck to their outside, totally or partially covering their vent. This is a deadly condition and must be resolved immediately.

We recommend you apply a warm, wet paper towel to their rears to clean the blockage. In especially bad cases you may have to dunk the chick’s rear in warm water before it will loosen up enough to remove it. Then, dry the chick off with a blow dryer and immediately return her to the brooder kit with the others. And keep checking the birds that presented with this problem, for it often returns throughout the first week.

Susan Hasbrouck has lived in Boise since 2000. Her family has been in the ranching business in Cascade, Idaho since 1925. She purchased her first four chickens a few years ago and the love affair began! She has spent these years studying just about everything there is to know about chickens. Through her own experiences she created All-Bout-Chickens and invented “The Hanging Chicken Drinker” which is currently Patent Pending and since then has developed other products for poultry and birds. She spends most of her days talking “chicken” with whomever she can because chickens are her passion. She is involved and co-sponsored the 2012 Poultry exhibit at the Ada County Fair and regularly exchanges information with breeders from Utah and Idaho. If you want to talk chicken…she is the one to do it with!

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