We received a great question from a D&B Garden Show listener this week on the D&B Garden Show Facebook page and we wanted to share Debbie’s insight with everyone.

Q: Hello, I live in Eagle (Idaho) and I have enjoyed a very good crop of grapes for about 8 years. Until last year, I believe the squirrels found them, and although I had lots of clusters growing, I went out to harvest and they were all gone! I don’t think birds could have been that thorough. What can I do to prevent this from happening this year?

A: Thorough netting is about your only recourse. I honestly don’t know of anything else. Also, don’t discount birds being excellent scavengers, especially quail. I usually have birds trying for my grapes before they’re even starting to color up. Go figure. D&B carries bird netting which is what I’ve used in the past. You’ll have to really work on the bottom netting or those goofy squirrels will climb right in. Good luck. Debbie

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Squirrel eating grapes

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