The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines overachiever as: “one who achieves success over and above the standard or expected level especially at an early age.” But what if you have two overachievers working toward the same goal of becoming the highest and most efficient small engine repair shop in the Treasure Valley? The answer has been one of the fastest growing departments in the Meridian D&B Supply store and soon to be the only repair shop in the valley to provide sales and service on the big four: Stihl, Echo, Husqvarna and Honda.

Stihl Chain Saws

If you look in the dictionary under “overachiever,” you will see Andrew Davis’ picture. Andrew has been with D&B Supply for almost four years, and the Small Engine Repair Shop Manager since it’s opening in the spring of 2012. He has a Bachelor’s in Structural Engineering with a Minor in Architectural and Mechanical Drafting, a second Bachelor’s in Business and Project Management, and he is looking into creating time to go back for his MBA. His drive to make the small engine shop more efficient — for both employees and customers — and his willingness to work long days, made Andrew the right choice to make the department grow.

You might have met Andy Rogers when looking at anything with a small engine at the Meridian D&B Supply. Growing up in his parents Stihl dealership in Emmett, he is a natural fit on the D&B floor to help customers purchase the right piece of equipment for their needs. He loves small engines, loves helping customers and loves the direction of the new Small Engine Shop. “It’s a win-win for customers for us to service and fix their equipment, especially when they bought it from us.” Andy is determined to help decrease the lag time so customers can have their chainsaws, lawn mowers, trimmers and blowers ready to go in less than a week.

Andrew and Andy at D&B Supply

Shanon Allcott, the Meridian store manager, also reminds us that “We now service what we sell as well as equipment not purchased at D&B!  We are happy to offer this service to the public!”

Although they still get the “You have a shop?” question, customers are getting used to having the knowledge base of Andrew and Andy right at their fingertips. This  knowledge, determination and of course their tenacity for overachieving, will help make the Meridian D&B Small Engine Shop the best in the Treasure Valley. Just like they said it would.

From February 1st through March 15th, 2013 D&B is having a Pre-Season Tune-Up Special. Click here for more information.

The Meridian D&B Supply Small Engine Shop is open from 8am-8pm Monday through Saturday, and 10am-5pm on Sunday. Give Andrew and Andy a call with any questions at 208-887-0949.

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