All I knew is that a new, longer laundry rack would be helpful.  My husband has a desk job.  For better or for worse, he has more than one week’s worth of office clothing.  Ironing can pile up.

There is not a convenient place for one of those rolling laundry stands.  I have been using an ancient, telescoping fixture that projects from the laundry room wall.  I’m sure it was “the thing” when the house was built.  It bends toward the floor under the weight of more than a few items.  Picking up shirts that have fallen into the walkway has been a fact of life for years.

Apparently, my husband was just waiting for me to ask!  The Saturday after I did so, he was asking me how I would like my new laundry rack oriented in the laundry room.  Clothes hangers traveled from the laundry room to the workshop and back.  The next thing I knew, one of the kids appeared with spray paint cans, inquiring about preferred colors.

Old Pipe and a Chop Saw

What else would you do with old pipe and a chop saw?

Here is a list of supplies and tools that he used:

  • old piece of steel pipe, left over from plumbing adjustments 18 years ago
  • chunks of wood found in workshop
  • spray paint
  • screws, to attach wood holders to wall
  • 2 sons.  One 6 foot 3 inch son to hold rack up; the other, older son with well-known abilities to climb walls and put in screws
  • chop saw
  • drill press
  • hole saw drill bit

The chop saw was used to cut the old steel pipe to the desired length.  Two chunks of wood were cut down to size, had their edges nicely smoothed, then a hole-saw drill bit of appropriate diameter cut holes that the pipe ends would fit into.  All of these pieces were painted and brought to the laundry room.

Drill Press and Left over wood ends

With the pipe ends already in the holes of the wood end pieces, the whole kit was held in place by the tallest son, while the other son screwed the wood pieces into the wall.  That was all it took.  I’m told I shouldn’t do chin-ups on it, but it holds fabulous amounts of hanging items.  Since I haven’t filled the rod up completely yet, I do know that all of the hangers slide easily from side to side.

Then, I got to thinking.  I could really use at least one of these in every room!  Each bedroom, the kitchen, and the greenhouse.  The possible uses were literally sprouting in my mind.  I could tie herbs to them for drying.  The kids could hang blankets from them for room dividers and theatrical performances.  We could hang Christmas decorations on them.  If the pipe was painted the correct color, it would barely be noticeable when it wasn’t in use.

I kept all of this to myself, realizing it was rather a grand scheme.  Then, last Saturday, my husband and I were discussing how to hang more grow lights in the greenhouse.  He said in his pleasing deep voice, “You know, what you really need in here is one of those pipes like in the laundry room.”

New Laundry Room Clothes Hanger

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