Pallets in a fieldDo you look at a mason jar, twine, sheet metal, an empty wood pallet, a glue gun and get inspired? We want you!

D&B is looking for DIY enthusiasts that can hammer, nail, glue and create well functioning pieces from ordinary things that you find at your local store, like D&B Supply.

There are many bloggers, or want-to-be-bloggers, out there that have the ability of turning ordinary items into extraordinary pieces of art, functionality and good sense (and cents). If you feel you have that eye to make something out of nothing, and would like to be a guest blogger at, please send us an email (click here) describing your best DIY projects, links you have (Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, blog site, etc.) along with pictures and we will get in touch with you and discuss the details.

If you know someone that you believe needs more attention to their DIY brilliance, please send us their info and we will be more than happy to get in touch with them.

Craft on.

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