Gardening tools in the snowGardeners are the easiest people on your list to buy for. In case you’re drawing a blank, here are some suggestions for the gardener in your life.

We’re all aware of the danger of too much sun on our skin. How about a gardening hat for that special someone? They help shade our ears, noses and necks from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

A set of garden markers is a nice gift. Some are informative and some amusing. Have your kids paint rocks that can be used for markers. The grandparents will love them.

The mark of a real gardener may be dirty hands, but once we come inside it’s nice to clean up. A basket of herbal and botanical soaps and lotions are something that any gardener will welcome. Having clean, soft hands is a great way to end a hard day of gardening.

Don’t forget garden jewelry. You’ll find earrings, pins and necklaces in the shape of flowers and leaves, but also in the shape of wheelbarrows, shovels and watering cans.

A gift subscription to a gardening magazine is really the gift that keeps on giving. Look for Horticulture, Organic Gardening or a host of many others that would best suit your gardener. Give the magazine and add a note saying you’ve given them a subscription. Each time the magazine arrives, you’ll be thought of with a smile.

Garden Books are something every gardener can use. If you’re checking out garden magazines at the bookstore look at garden books while you’re there. Sunset Western Garden Book doesn’t have pretty pictures, but it will give you the general culture and information needed to grow almost any plant you can think of.

The Farmers Almanac is a fun publication. It’s inexpensive and is full of all kinds of information from weather forecasts, zodiac secrets, planting tables, garden hints, facts and folklore. The original Harris’ Almanac was first published in 1692.

Birdfeeders are a wonderful gift if your gardener invites wildlife into their yard, and I don’t know a gardener who doesn’t. D&B carries a large variety of feeders and seed. There are special squirrel feeders and sometimes that helps in keeping them out of the bird feeder

Garden Gloves are something you can never have too many of. D&B has a huge selection.

New tools are always useful. There are some neat weeders that look like they would do some serious damage to a weed patch. Winged Weeders, which come in two sizes, are an easy way to eliminate small annual weeds before they get out of hand.

I don’t know a gardener that wouldn’t be delighted with a load of compost, strange as that might sound to a non-gardener. A gift certificate for spring delivery would be a real treat. An offer to help spread the stuff would be even better!

These ideas, from your Gardening Elf, should get you started on the right track. Now get out there and finish your shopping, you’re almost out of time!

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