Red, blue and green Christmas tree lights are up, people are dreaming of a couple of days off work and time for family and opening packages.

A great gift to consider is Idaho Buckaroo Brew coffee. The money goes to promoting understanding and preserving the western way of life, plus you can order it from D&B Supply’s Internet sales site and have it shipped to friends far and near.

About The Idaho Buckaroo Project

Mission: “To Promote Understanding and Preserve the Buckaroo Way of Life”

This project documents one of Idaho and Oregon’s less known communities, the Buckaroos and Cowboys of the Great Basin, through a photography and essay exhibit that also includes working gear such as saddles, bits, spurs and rawhide bosals. The project format is a traveling exhibit combining photographs and essays gathered from interviews — a “history” detailing Buckaroo life. A book will also be published, and the project is being brought into Idaho and Oregon schools. The project is ongoing, and other Buckaroos and Cowboys throughout Idaho and Oregon will be documented.

I believe it is extremely import to help preserve this quickly disappearing way of life and hope that this body of work will accomplish part of that goal.

I also visit communities and present slide shows and discuss the importance of this cowboy and buckaroo culture and why it must be preserved. For example, I recently had a big exhibit in Hailey, Idaho. It attracted people from all walks of life including two environmentalists who had a somewhat negative view of cattle and public lands. They came up to me after the presentation and said they now had a new perspective on how important this culture is and that it had changed how they now viewed cowboys and buckaroos. I also attended a special event in Emmett, Idaho two weeks ago. What a great community. The library was packed and people seemed enthused to learn more about the history of the buckaroo.

Bring the Idaho Buckaroo Project to Your Community

The Idaho Buckaroo Project can come to your community—schools, libraries, social gathering and special events. Call (208) 724-2920 for more information.



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