Hobo SpiderBrrrrr, It’s getting cold out there and the spiders are trying to find a warm spot to spend the winter. Most of the spiders are completely harmless, even beneficial, just creepy. Hobo spiders are the exception. Their bite causes a wound that takes a long time to heal. The bite of the Hobo spider (tegenaria agrestis) has been mistakenly identified as being a bite from the Brown Recluse, but that spider does not live in Idaho.

Hobo spiders are brown, nondescript spiders. A quick look at the spider’s legs will tell you whether you need to look farther to make a positive ID. Does the spider have darker brown rings on its legs? If so, no problem because the hobo spider’s legs have no rings, they are all one color. No rings? Look farther. Their abdomens have chevron shaped markings (think stripes on a military uniform).

This spider is a funnel weaver and the web is non sticky. An insect trips the web and the hobo spider races out and quickly captures the invading insect. The hobo spider also has poor eyesight. Between the trapping instinct and the spider’s poor eyesight, this spider bites first and asks questions later. That is the reason this spider is sometimes called the ” aggressive house spider”, thus the word agrestis in the spider’s name. Usually these bites happen when the spider is trapped in clothing, bedding or in shoes. Fifty percent of these bites are considered ‘dry’, and one never even knows they’ve been bitten. If venom is injected, redness will develop and the bite can be mistaken for a mosquito bite for the first 24 hours. After that, a blister develops which breaks after about 24-36 hours and begins oozing. This deep, oozing wound can take months to heal. If the bite is in a fatty area of the body, it might take more than a year, and in extreme cases, skin grafts might be needed. Flu-like symptoms could also be present. Yikes!

Get rid of this spider! How? Pre-baited sticky traps are the most successful. Insecticides labeled to kill spiders usually aren’t effective against the hobo spider. In fact, insecticides may make your population of those insects worse because the chemical kills off the predatory spiders that eat the hobo. Pre-baited traps have been impregnated with a pheromone to attract the hobo spider and are placed around baseboards and behind furniture. They are very sticky and catch any spider or insect that wanders across them, not just the hobo spider. Put them where kids and pets can’t get to them because like I said, these things are really sticky. These traps can be found at D&B Supply.

Seal your doors and windows to keep out the cold, as well as insects. Send the message that the hobo spider should hop the next train out of town with his little knap sack thrown over his back.


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