Fried TurkeyJuicy, crisp, delicious and a one-of-a-kind taste that you, and your family, will be talking about for years. Frying a turkey during the Holidays has gained in popularity this past decade, and for good reason, they are delicious! There are a few guidelines to follow when frying your turkey this year so that a delicious meal can be served to your family, with-out the local fire department being called in.

Thanks to LouAna for some highly recommended, and very important, tips on how to have a safe and delicious fried turkey this season. Two very important tips, with many YouTube videos to prove it, is to make sure that your turkey is completely thawed and the location of your deep fried masterpiece does not take place on a wood deck or inside any type of structure. As always, read all directions first before you start, and to most importantly, ensure that the correct amount of oil is added to your fryer. This can lead oil overflow, fires and again, more YouTube videos.

We joke that there are a lot of disastrous, deep fried turkey YouTube videos in existence, but there are quite a few good, very instructional, non-disastrous ones as well. Paula Dean, Alton Brown and even the have a great video that is also entertaining due to the music selection and ax throwing that starts about 6:20.

You can purchase LouAna deep frying oil at D&B as well as the propane powered turkey fryer, either online or in certain stores.

Click here to see a list of safety first rules by LouAna and click here for a complete guideline on how to fry your turkey.


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