Squash bugHere is a question from, MaryAnn, one of our listeners on the D&B Garden Show.

Hi Debbie,
I was told a long time ago that nasturtiums planted with squash will deter squash bugs. I started doing this years ago when I had so much trouble with those bugs and I really haven’t had any since. I plant several seeds around the young squash plants.Could be an old wives’ tale, but has worked for me. Since then I heard that marigolds help too. So I plant both throughout my garden and they’re beautiful alongside the veggies too!

Hi MaryAnn,
Don’t you just love it when you find something natural that works? I had a friend from one of my Master Gardener classes that swore by vanilla extract to repel squash bugs. While looking through some of my books about companion planting, in a book called “Companion Plants and How to Use Them” by Helen Philbrick & Richard Gregg, I found something pretty interesting; it says that Nasturtiums repel squash bugs. Go figure.

Marigolds are said to kill soil nematods. There are claims of healthier tomatoes that bear more fruit when planted with marigolds and they have been successfully used to repel the Mexican bean beetle.

The book I mentioned above is a fun book, but it’s old. There is a much newer book called ‘Carrots love Tomatoes’ by Louise Riotte that can be found easily for about ten dollars.

Sometimes the “old” wives tales are tales for a reason, so good for you for paying attention. And, I bet your garden looks lovely!

Thanks for writing!

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