Fall Brings Some of the Finest Rodeos — This Weekend Bruneau Rodeo

Although there’s a bite to the morning air and the kids are back in school, some of the best rodeo action is on tap the next two weekends.

Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16, the Bruneau Rodeo will be in full swing at 12:30. It features one event you won’t get to see many other places—Ride the Hide. Last year I was a hide rider and it was fast and furious.

Horsemen line up on one end of the arena, and those crazy enough to ride the hide stand at the other end holding a rope attached to a dried-out cowhide. Horse and rider race to the other end where the “dragee” tosses the rope up, racing to jump on the hide and hang one while the rider drags them back across the arena. This timed event is one of the highlights of a small, but powerful rodeo.

Next week’s rodeo feature is on Jordan valley. Yes, the Big Loop is over, but there’s still another lesser known rodeo with just as much action that rolls out.

Additional information was found at the Mountain Home News website.
The cost is $7 for adults, $4 for children ages 7-14 and those age six and under are admitted for free. Parking is also free.

For more information please call 208-845-2098.

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