Between August 27, 2012 and September 3, 2012 D&B customers are able to take advantage of Husqvarna’s Labor Day Rewards. D&B Customers will receive a Visa® prepaid card after all information has been filled out and sent in on the rebate form. The rebate form will be given to you after your purchase of one or more of the following Husqvarna items:

$10 reward: any 100 or 200 series trimmer
$20 reward: any 300 or 400 series trimmer
$20 reward: any 200 or 400 series chainsaw
$30 reward: any backpack blower
$40 reward: any 300 or 500 series chainsaw

Note: There are additional rewards, but D&B does not carry all Husqvarna products.

You must attach your D&B receipt along with the reward form you receive during your Husqvarna purchase. After a 6-8 week processing, you will receive you Visa® prepaid card that you can use anywhere. You are allowed to receive more than one reward, but they must all be sent in on a separate reward form.

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