We had a visitor in our office today name Annie-Bell. Thank you to JoAnn for telling Annie-Bell’s story of how she was saved by a soldier, five years ago.

Dog laying on the floor

Well…… Annie-bell was a product of both misfortune – and good luck!

Misfortune, because she had been abandoned in the middle of a snowy winter at a rest stop outside of Yakima, Wa. She was only about 4 months old, and as black as the night.

Lucky, because a young man – just coming home from a tour in the service – happened to stop late at night to get some fresh air.

When he pulled in, he saw two bright,¬†shiny¬†eyes, then a little black form against the white snow in the beam of his headlights. Thank goodness he had a good heart and didn’t leave her there to fend for herself! He packed her up and brought her home to Caldwell. He brought in to the D&B Supply corporate office where his mom & I worked. I immediately fell in love with her and adopted her. That was 5 years ago. She is a wonderful dog! I named her Annie – after “Little Orphan Annie”, but we call her Annie-Bell.

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