On the 4th of July, I had the opportunity to take my family for a day trip to the 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch, just over an hour away from Boise, up highway 55. The quick turn onto National Forest Road 644 winds up the mountain side and dropped us into a valley full of trees, more rolling hills, history and the beautiful smells of the mountains one has come to expect from living in the West.

A huge sigh of relief comes over me when I am in the mountains and I can literally smell the oh-so-wonderful smell of dirt. Yes, I love the smell of dirt. Clean, mountain dirt. That fresh dirt smell brings a sense of belonging and peace to me where I can feel my muscles relax, my lungs expand and my senses open up. This feeling is that of pure joy which my husband and I are striving to pass along to our subdivision, suburban living children.

The pine trees surround the valley where 4D Longhorn Ranch owner, Brad Ford, helps develop future cowboys and cowgirls through weekly cattle drives, guided trail rides and of course, riding and roping lessons. The horsemanship skills that Brad teaches comes from his years of experience and his love of the cowboy lifestyle. His riders learn how to work with one of Brad’s many horses and are educated on how important a relationship with their horse really is.

This week, the 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch welcomes a group of European young adults for the taping of a reality show, which will be on the ranch for the next two months. Most of these kids have never been on a horse but will eventually lead their own cattle drive up and over the mountains along with learning the cowboy way of life in the mountains of Idaho. Good luck to everyone involved.

Enjoy these snapshots of our day trip to the 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch, where we truly felt like we experienced the rugged beauty that is the great Northwest cowboy way. Check out the beautiful 4D Longhorn website and book a day or two weeks with your family and remember why you live where you live. You can also see more pictures on the D&B Supply Flickr site and a few videos on our YouTube channel.

Go breathe the dirt.

4D Ranch

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