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If you’ve ever wanted to win a blue ribbon, now’s the time to step up to the plate because, it’s Fair Time! The Canyon County Fair is July 26-29, and it just so happens the theme is “A Blue Ribbon A-Fair”! Enter something and possibly snag yourself a ribbon and maybe a little cash.
If you’re planning to enter, get a copy of the exhibitor’s guide or handbook. This is available online at, at your extension offices and D&B stores. This resource will tell you exactly when, where and how to enter.

The judges will use the rules in this handbook to begin their elimination. For example, if the handbook calls for entering three stems of phlox and you enter five, they are probably eliminated. If the book calls for five carrots and you enter four, your carrots are likely to be history, even if they’re the best ones. Elimination must begin someplace and that’s the easiest place to start, especially in a field that has a lot of entries. It’s also important to pay attention to the class. Enter slicing cucumbers in the pickling cucumber class and your cukes will get sent home without a ribbon. Know the difference between a hybrid tea rose and a floribunda because the judges certainly will.

When entering an item from your garden, look for perfection and present it perfectly. That’s what a blue ribbon is all about. Make sure your item is clean, undamaged and insect free. When more than one item is called for, uniformity in size and shape is very important. Repeat after me, uniformity in size and shape is important!

Harvest your produce or flowers in the morning before the sun starts causing moisture to transpire from the plant. You want as much moisture within the plant as possible so won’t wilt before the judging.

The Canyon County Fair is full of contests and let me just say that money is involved in some of them. Do you have a good recipe that uses honey instead of sugar? Enter and win $25 if your recipe is the best. Can you make a pie? There‘s a pie contest daily. How about a peach, cherry, berry or apple? Different fruit ranches are awarding prizes for the best.

For the little fair-goers, there’s a stick horse barrel race and a toddler trot.

There is a watermelon eating contest and I can’t wait to find out the results of how fast a person can text message, in a contest that is sure to attract a lot of teens. There are contests every day and this is only a small list of them.

If you can’t get enough of entering fairs, you’ll get another chance at the Western Idaho Fair in Boise, where you can “Go Wild” from August 17-26.

Enter something you grew, something you made, or enter one of the many contests and games that they offer every day. The Canyon County Fair is everything a fair should be, agricultural in nature and fun all the way around.


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