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Eyes of A Cowboy by Tom Hanshew

He stepped out of his pickup truck and walked over to the corral

I watched him out of the corner of my eye standing quiet and tall

When I finished saddling up the colt I looked him up and down

He looked like a cowboy although he had just come from town


It wasn’t in the way he dressed but he was wearin’ a hat and boots

Or the fancy yoke cut Cowboy shirt that fit him kind of loose

His jeans were creased and ironed and looked like they was new

But when I looked him in the eyes I saw that he was true


The soft quiet determination that reveals that common bond

And only a life with horses can make them look that warm

You see it at the rodeos on the older men who’ve lived the dream

It’s like the cool clear mountain run off that gently fills a stream


He nodded and I could see the appreciation shinin’ in his eyes

As he watched the colt I was working stand quietly and sigh

They say that the eyes of a man are the windows to his soul

A lot of folks are smarter than me and I guess they ought to know


True horsemen know and recognize the calm even in a storm

How love and quiet compassion can keep you safe from harm

No it’s not the way you wear your hat or a shiny buckle’s glow

It’s in the heart and soul of Cowboys that their eyes always show


Many years ago there was a man that I loved and knew well

He said if you look a man in the eyes you can always tell

He may lie to you using words or trick you with his hands

But his eyes will always give him away capturing the man


A lifetime spent with horses teaches calmness in your soul

A oneness with god and nature like things honest and old

Grandpa always had that look and my dear old daddy too

In their eyes you could tell they were cowboy through and through


Now as I look at this man I see the same look in his eyes

That same quiet strength that I know and recognize

And my heart fills with pride as I look and understand

I see the eyes of a Cowboy in my son growed into a man.


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