Thank you to Mikki Martin for writing up a summary of all the changes that have been happening this last year at the Meridian D&B. Have you been in lately?

The Meridian D&B Supply has been full of excitement this year! Last fall we welcomed Shanon Allcott and Ben Hopwood as our new Store Manager and Assistant Manager. Since then, we’ve been working on a pretty extensive remodel, starting with the hardside.

The entire hardside, which consists of plumbing, automotive, tack, feed, lawn and garden, was reset in February and completed at the beginning of March. We rearranged departments and had the entire store repainted. With the new paint job and new still life photos, our store has a wonderful new presentation from the moment you step in the door, which will only get better as our remodel wraps up in clothing.

The softside (clothing and footwear) is still a construction zone! The most significant change was to our footwear department. It re-located to the very center of the clothing department where we added a significant amount of square footage and wood flooring which really helped to enhance the overall presentation. In addition, we added a new Dickies concept wall and are building focal areas in both the men’s and women’s clothing departments. We removed the wood decks and gave these areas a whole new look, expanding the women’s focal area to 36 x 12, so it makes a big statement! This new area will be merchandised with full-size mannequins, shelving and waterfall arms which will really “showcase” our trend product. Also, our fitting rooms were redone, adding a new look along with brand new doors.┬áThere is still a lot of staining to be done on the new woodwork but we should wrap up soon!

Front of D&B Store

We also expanded our nursery by quite a lot this year. We get multiple plant deliveries each week, so customers are truly surround by a vast variety of plants the moment they step out there. To top off the remodel, Shanon redid the men’s and women’s public restrooms. We are constantly getting compliments on how wonderful they look and what a nice feel they give the store.

Brand new to the Meridian D&B is the opening of the small engine mechanic shop. Andrew Davis has stepped in to head up the shop and get things running in there. A few people have accepted and been promoted to key carrier positions like Andy Rogers and Mikki Martin, who is also now a clothing lead.

We are very excited about all the changes taking place and loving how it is all turning out! Thank you to all our customers for your patience the past year, we look forward to making your experience at the Meridian D&B better than ever.

D&B Garden

D&B Garden CenterD&B Garden CenterRemodeled D&B StoreRemodeled D&BNew Shoe Department at D&B

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