Have you ever wondered when you donate to a group or organization, like the Nampa Rotary Club, where that money goes, who it helps or what is the end result? This year, one of the recipients of funds raised by the 2012 Paws For A Cause is Hope House. Hope House is a home for children sitting on the banks of the Snake River in Marsing, Idaho with 52 acres of but beautiful land where children and young adults can live, go to school and have a place to call home.

Hope House Marsing Land


The funds raised by the Nampa Rotary Club, along with some knowledgeable Rotary members, helped build a very worth while garden last year, which has turned into a source of food year round for the kids. The home made salsa, freezer jab and the ever so popular spaghetti sauce, which has saved Hope House up to $250 a week in food over the past year. They grew so much food in 2011 that they were able to donate some to the Marsing Senior Center and Pantry. Both the adults and the kids look forward to a large garden this year, so they can not only make more spaghetti sauce, but help others in need as well.

Founder and administrator, Donnalee Velvick-Lowry, had a vision of the Hope House when she was just 11 years old and has turned that dream into a reality with a large support base, caring teachers and individuals like Jeanne Wiebold, who dropped off a car load of clothing while we were there getting a tour. As we were making multiple trips to and from her car, Carl Beachamp, the Grounds Supervisor commented that “She has taken us in and we just adore her.” Over the last 40 years, Donnalee has opened her heart to those in need and will continue to do so for the next 15 years.

Hope House is just one example of who the Nampa Rotary helps out, not only with the funds they help raise, but with their knowledge, time and support of individual Rotary members. If you would like to help out the Hope House, there is always need for support. Donnalee would love to bring the lessons that can be learned by having the kids experience the farm and ranch lifestyle. By raising animals and maintaining a larger, more sustainable garden, the property can reestablish the farm life and the Hope House kids will have a lifetime of skills. The bonding and therapy that animals, and the responsibility that goes along with it, is something that can build trust, belief and hope, three characteristics most of the Hope House kids struggle with. Please call Donalee at 208-896-4673 if you can donate your time, expertise, equipment or your heart.

Thank you to the Nampa Rotary for all that you do in our community and thank you to the Hope House for allowing us to come in and see what a difference you are making.

Hope House Common Area

Hope House HorsesHope House Dog

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