There are signs that the economy is improving as real estate is now on the upswing in the Treasure Valley and surrounding states. Consumers are spending more and it seems we may be leaving some of our money woes behind.

I have been hit hard these last few years like many other people. But what have we learned and how can we apply it to our farms and ranches—our personal life?

Cowboys and Buckaroos have always done more with less and we have a lot to learn from them. Look what’s around your place before rushing out to buy “just the right thing”. Look beyond what a something is normally used for. I have taken auto glass crates that I picked up free from a store and turned them into sheep feeders. Look at the “Free” list on Craigslist before you rush off to the store.

I have come to the personal decision to sell my larger acreage for a smaller one. I won’t get rich off the proceeds, but I hope to have enough money to buy a fixer-upper with a few less acres free and clear—no mortgage. Land in the West has always been a sign of status. Men (and women) have been measured by how many acres they own. But a good farmer or rancher can do more with less if they use sustainable practices such as pasture rotation and using a combination of animals. Acreages have been shown to be more productive by raising more than one species.

We can always learn from one another and see how to do something better. I would like to organize farm tours for those of you who would like to join me. You can get great ideas from seeing someone else’s set up and apply them to your place. Horse, poultry, cattle and chicken farm tours. I have been on these tours in other places and find them extremely valuable.

Please leave your comments and ideas at the end of this blog so we can start a tour list. Let me know what your area of interest is and what you’d like to see (don’t forget your contact info, or call me at (208) 724-2920). I’ll keep you posted through my weekly blogs here at D&B Supply. I’ll also be providing simple tips each week.

How to Get Rid of Weeds: White vinegar full strength can be sprayed on the grass and weeds around the home. A few days later the weeds will die and not reappear for 2-3 months.

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