Treasure Valley bull riding fans turned out in force last night at Dan Wiebold Ford in Nampa to meet PBR Invasion Team champions Luke Snyder and Brendon Clark.

Levi Collins, 11, of Kuna wants to be a bull rider and win belt buckles someday. “I want to be like my older brothers, Austin Mansell and Tanner Collins and ride,” he said. “I’m not afraid of bulls either.”

Another fan, Tristen Cupp, 4, of Nampa is already riding sheep to prepare for his future as a bull rider. His mother, Breyanna Cupp, said they go to the PBR Finals every year and her son has been fascinated with the sport since he was a baby.

Older fans were there as well, to get shirts, hats, and posters signed by the two PBR stars. Luke Snyder and Brendon Clark are among the best in the world and think Nampa is one of the greatest places on the PBR tour. “The weather is always great and we enjoy the people here a lot,” they both said.


Clark is from Australia and explained that the bulls in America are better and tougher to ride, but Australia’s stock is catching up. “There are more riders in America and that creates tough competition and good bulls—when it comes down to it though, bull riding is bull riding.”

Clark grew up on a small ranch with horses and cattle and used to ride bareback broncs. He later turned to bull riding because he liked that sport best. “The smartest thing to do is ride where the most money is,” he said.

PBR Bullriders and fansLuke Snyder of Missouri has been riding for 20 years and his path led him straight to a specialized school to learn to ride bucking horses and bulls. He gets fired up when he rides and tries not to over think it. “It’s mostly reacting to what the bull does. You’ve got to be 100 percent into this game because it is so dangerous,” he said.

Fans who attend the PBR event Saturday and Sunday should not only be watching their favorite PBR greats—they need to be looking at the bulls–one in particular. Bushwhacker is the toughest bull out there right now, according to both men, and since he has not yet been ridden this year, every man is going to be looking to take down the 2,000 pound bull. Overall, Bushwacker has been ridden only once out of 29 tries over the past three years on the Built Ford Tough Series.

PBR Bullriders


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