Two Cowboys on horsesTo everyone who has supported the Idaho Buckaroo Project, thank you. We received an email from Andrea Scott letting us know that the Idaho Buckaroo Project can now be supported between now and Monday, May 28, 2012 on

What is Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. When you pledge a certain dollar amount (in this case from $1 to $125) you will become a backer of the Buckaroo Project which “Promotes Understanding and Preserves the Buckaroo Way of Life.” If you choose to donate a minimum of $10 to the project, you will receive a gift from the Idaho Buckaroo Project. Gifts range from an Idaho Buckaroo Project screen saver to an 8 x 10 print project photograph, Cowboy Hats Down.

You can see Andrea’s explanation for the need to raise funds on her Kickstarter page here. Her goal is to raise $2,000 by May 28th which will allow her travel to more locations to photograph and interview cowboys and cowgirls, buckaroos and their families. Interviews and photos will be made into a book which will also be used education in schools and communities.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you Andrea for your beautiful photography, dedication and archiving of the Buckaroo.


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