Buckle Up Boise! The PBR is coming to the Idaho Center on May 12th and May 13th and you could have the chance to win tickets! Thanks to DeWalt and Dickie’s, there are two opportunities to win a pair of tickets to either night (based on availability) with a simple text message. Winners will be selected on May 11th and notified via the text number they entered with.

UPDATE: We will be closing this contest a day early on May 10th to allow the 40 winners more than 24 hours to plan to attend the event. Thank you.

Again, there are two different ways to win, so be sure to text each word separately for a chance to win. Good luck!

Text DeWalt to 208-696-0117

and then…

Text Dickies to 208-696-0117

PBR Facebook Cover Photo

  1. James & Bev Miller says:

    Mom likes the bull riders the best. She makes sure she watching the PBR via the TV and has always wanted to go to the PBR in person. She’s 78 now, and finds the PBR thrilling and exciting – she does have a few favorites too.

  2. Pat says:

    Thanks D & B, DeWalt, and Dickies!
    Will enjoy Mother’s Day at the Idaho Center watching the PBR!! Appreciate the chance to enter and win!!!

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