Thanks to Matt McCoy for Tweeting a few pictures to us this last week of how he is making his garden grow. His creativeness is due to the love he has for his four year old son in showing him how his food grows. Here are two of his latest projects and his own words on how easy it is.

I stapled good quality garden cloth to the bottom side of the top pallets only so you don’tPalate Garden loose any soil. You can stack these as high as you like. Since my son is four years old and this was for him, I went really short. I filled the top pallets only with actual soil, until I was almost full. Then I switched to potting soil. You can use potting soil for the whole thing, but that can also be fairly expensive. Once I had it filled up to the bottom of the boards, I took my fingers and made a trench style imprint in the soil all the way down, and planted my seeds in that in a row form. After I had the seeds planted, I added more soil till it was even with the top of the boards and I kinda tamped it down with my hand. I suggest light water for the first few days, after that water good.






Recycled Shoe hanger into planterFor the hanging planter I just put good potting soil in the pockets. I used Miracle Grow, and planted strawberries. This is a simple 24 pocket shoe hanger. I think that finding one that is all canvas without the plastic pockets, like the one I used may work better. But the one I have seems to drain water fairly well.

    • Jen Harris says:

      Heidi, Thanks for the comment. Yes, Matt had said that in our correspondence but how cool for a kid to see roots? 🙂
      You might not get the best strawberries, but the experience for his four year old will be delicious!

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