Dutch OvenHow many times have you seen beautiful Cast Iron cooking pieces in a store, or sitting in your garage collecting dust, and think, “If only I could learn from experts on how to REALLY cook with Cast Iron.” Now is your chance to purchase and/or dust off those Cast Iron pieces, and take a class from The Cast Iron Cowboys themselves.

A Little About The Cast Iron Cowboys
Dave and Pam Monson have won multiple Dutch Oven cooking contests and finished third in the World Dutch Oven Championship Cook-Off in 1997. They regularly cook for the Idaho Brittany Club events and have taught a basic Dutch Oven cooking course and a Dutch Oven Bread course for the Boise School District Community Education classes since 1997.

Dave and Pam understand the art of fine Dutch Oven cuisine, equipment needed and how to cook in various locations and weather events. Their courses are fun, entertaining and downright insightful into the Dutch Oven cooking arts. In addition, Pamela is a 28 year police veteran, retired from the Boise Police Department and Dave is a Sergeant with the Ada county Sheriff’s Department, currently assigned as the Sergeant over Civil and the the Sergeant in charge of the Hostage Negotiators.

Proceeds to the 512 Fund
The proceeds of the Cast Iron Cowboys Cooking Class will Benefit the 512 Fund. The 512 Fund is named after slain Boise City Police Officer Mark Stall, his badge number was #512. This fund was started by Police Officers who personally assisted other Law Enforcement Officers and their families when they were injured in the line of duty and required medical treatment in the Boise area. Funds are provided for the injured Officer as well as for food, transportation and housing for family.

Details on Class
This five week, seven course class is $175 for a team of two. $50 for each additional team member. If you would like to only attend the first demonstration class, that is $30 per person. Go to http://mydbsupply.com/castironcowboys/ to receive more information. You can also buy tickets directly from Pam in the entry way at the Meridian D&B Supply on Saturday, March 31st through Tuesday April 3rd.

All Classes start at 6:30pm (with exception to the D.O.G event which will start at 9am) at The Barn in Star, Idaho (corner of N. Star Rd. and W. 3rd St.)

On the first night of class or when you sign up you will receive a suggested shopping list, along with a coupon from D&B Supply to help get you started.

Limited number of team spaces are available. Please click here to fill out your name, phone number and email where the Dutch Over Cowgirl, Pam Monson, can get a hold of you.

Class Schedule
Friday, April 6, 2012: Introduction to cast iron cooking with the Cast Iron Cowboys. Bring your lawn chair, an appetite and watch the pro’s cook up some gourmet meals. You will not be cooking in this class, just watching, learning and tasting.

If you would like to only attend this instructional class, cost is $30 per person.

Thursday, April 12, 2012: Bring your supplies, your recipes and get cooking with the skills you learned the week before. Of course you will have the guidance, praise and assistance of the Cast Iron Cowboys at your side.

Thursday, April 19, 2012: Saddle up your gear and cook up a mighty fine meal. The Cast Iron Cowboys will make sure that your mighty fine supper will be a crowd pleaser and mouth watering delight.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012: Herd your lawn chairs to the front row for a mighty fine lesson on how to make the best darn Dutch Oven Bread this side of anywhere. You won’t be cooking this night, just learning and devouring some mouth watering Dutch Oven Bread.

Thursday, April 26, 2012: Now that you know what Dutch Oven Bread can do for your soul, it’s time for you to kneed your way into Dutch Oven Bread heaven. You’ll be cooking this fine night with the guidance and help from the bread angels themselves.

Thursday, May 3, 2012: Your Dutch Oven skills are overflowing with tasty goodness by now. Bring a favorite recipe and turn it into a Dutch Oven

Saturday, May 5, 2012: A D.O.G event for all. This Dutch Oven Gathering is open to the public, and with proceeds going to the 512 Fund, for $1 they will receive a sample cup which will give them the opportunity to taste each teams Dutch Oven masterpiece. Your team will start cooking at 9am and the hungry crowd will be invited to sample and taste starting at noon.

Click here to download the poster and spread the word. Thank you kindly!

Cast Iron Cowboys Cooking Class Poster

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