Man Standing in SoilWe have been hearing concerns about whether or not there is a peat moss shortage and what this means for our stock here at D&B Supply. It seems as though very wet weather in Eastern Canada is the reason for this concern, but suppliers are making sure that we are taken care of.

Peat moss, also called Canadian sphagnum peat moss (CSPM) is sphagnum moss that is partially decomposed and because of it’s large cell structure it is able to absorb water and air like a sponge which is wonderful for your garden plants. This is not a nutrient rich soil, rather it absorbs nutrients that are presented to it and releases them over time so that they are not lost through leaching.

We here at D&B Supply purchase our peat moss through Sun Gro Horticulture, who is the leader in sustainable peat resources. Here is a statement from their website that talks about the sustainability and availability of peat moss.

There are more than 270 million acres of peatlands in Canada. Of that, only .016 percent is harvested to help beautify our environment and grow literally millions of plants. In addition, new peat develops 60 times faster than what is harvested and managed wisely, peat is the ultimate renewable resource!

Not only do we make harvesting wisely a priority, we are also actively involved in the restoration of peat bogs once the harvest is complete. Sun Gro supports the research being conducted at Laval University which has helped us restore our bogs so that they continue to grow and produce new peat.

At Sun Gro, we are very proud of our team, who make it a priority every day to fulfill our responsibility of stewardship to peatlands, ensuring that this abundant resource will always be available to future generations.

People buy Sunshine, Black Gold, Metro Mix, Lakeland, and other Sun Gro products because they know we’re the leader in our industry. And when you use our products to beautify your yard, grow plants and vegetables, make previously barren areas fertile and sustain CO2-cleansing plants and trees, you can be sure that you’re using a resource that’s plentiful, renewable, and well-managed.

So, the bottom line is, no, there is not a peat moss shortage here at D&B Supply. Plant and grow with peat moss to your hearts content. Our buyer, Nanci Bennett, is confident in our supply and our suppliers, therefore, you should be too. Plant on!

You can find a list of our soils that we currently carry online at

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