Ahhh, love is in the air this February. Whether you like to give flowers, a romantic dinner, power tools or a box of chocolates, Valentine’s Day can be for everyone, including men and your four-legged family members.

This Valentines Day we have put together a variety of items that might spark some imagination in your gift giving ways or make you wonder who on earth would want a red safety can over a bag of Red Hot candies. Some images are below, while the rest live on three different social sites for you to look through: Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr.

Our early Valentines Day gift to you this year comes in the form of a coupon. By clicking here, you will be directed to a coupon good for $5 off any purchase $5 or more at any D&B Supply store. Those of you that are early Valentine shoppers, this coupon is for you. The $5 off any purchase of $5 or more coupon is good from Friday, February 10th, through Sunday, February 12th. A bag of red or pink candy, or anything chocolate, would be a sweet treat for that special Valentine in your life. Even a power tool.

Have a wonderful, joyful Valentine’s Day.

A Dog Toy For Valentines DayJewelry For Valentines DayCandy For Valentines DayCards for Valentines DayPowertools for Valentines Day

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