As with anything, progress, technology and innovation change the way we do things. We here at D&B Supply are no different. In the last year and a half we launched our new website that includes relevant content, customer stories, recipe’s, calendar information and of course the ability to purchase online. We are also excited to now offer an online form for the 4-H and FFA discount card.

The form to receive the D&B Supply discount card is online and can be found on our website by simply clicking here. Please fill it out completely and click submit at the bottom of the form. You will then receive the card via email for conformation (no need to print out) and your discount will be available to you at all D&B Supply stores under the phone number which you provide on the form.

We are highly involved with 4-H and FFA and will continue this support by offering the discount card to Oregon and Idaho 4-H and FFA members. The discount card program gives 4-H and FFA members 10 percent off on all tack, feed, and vet supplies related to thier current animal project. This annual membership is our way of saying thank you to all the 4-H and FFA members who help support their communities and eventually our nation.

  1. Anna Gonzales says:

    I was entering my children on the 4H cards, and somehow I missed printing my oldest’s card. Is there anyway to reprint, or do I have to enter her all over again? Thanks Anna

    • Jen Harris says:

      Good news, you don’t need to print them at all. When you go to the register, just give your phone number that you listed on the application and you will be good to go. No paper required!

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