With the Big Game coming up this Sunday, we tend to pull out the special recipe’s that make your mouth water weeks in advance. Preparation for a meal of this magnitude is that of a skilled, fined tuned athlete with the stamina, dedication and taste buds of a winner. If we could award trophies, blinged out rings and the prestigious title of The Big Game Day Chef, we would in a heart beat.

Thank you to our Recipe (Athlete) of the Week and Big Game Day Chef, Doug Pill for sharing his skills with his Philly Cheese Steaks. Enjoy!


1 ea.   Eye of Round Roast
1 Tsp.  Cumin
1 Tsp.  Curry
½ Tsp.  Paprika
1 Tsp.  Salt
1 Tsp.  Pepper
Sliced  Cheddar Cheese
Sliced  Pepper Jack Cheese
1 Pkg   Hoagie Rolls (High Quality and Fresh)
½       Large Poblano Pepper
5       Cloves Fresh Pressed Garlic
1       Onion diced

Meat Preparation:

Slice Roast ¼” thick then Dice Roast Slices into ¼” Chunks
Add Cumin
Add Curry
Add Paprika
Add Salt
Add Pepper
Mince Pepper into small pieces and add to mixture
Press fresh Garlic into mixture
Place contents into airtight container and let stand in refrigerator for 2 days.

Sandwich Preparation:

Heat griddle or frying pan at medium heat
Place 1 ½ cups of meat onto heated surface & regularly turn
When all of the pink is gone from the meat, 1 Slice each Cheddar & Pepper Jack Cheese (cut into small pieces)
Add Onion to liking
Constantly toss meat and cheese until cheese is melted and meat is completely covered.
Place meat mixture into Hoagie Rolls

Because the meat is cut into small pieces, it cooks quickly. Be cautious and do not overcook.


Philly Cheese SteakPhilly Cheese SteakDoug Pill

  1. Armando says:

    Oh no. No. You cannot put Cheddar and Pepper Jack on a Philly.

    Provolone, baby. That is the only way. There are folks at Pat’s Steaks right now that want to have a word with you.

  2. Margie says:

    oh my goodness sounds like another great reciepe, I will most definetley have to make this one…I love good food….YUM YUM YUM…:)

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