We can all agree that how we communicate has changed dramatically over the last five years. As consumers, we are getting smarter, more savvy and are always on the hunt for a deal, especially with access to our mobile phones. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are helping us with buying decisions by reaching out to our friends and family, while quite a few retailers are listening and engaging on their own business pages.

Mobile communication through GPS enabled social media tools, like Foursquare, is gaining in popularity with the increase in smart phone sales. With Foursquare, users are able to check-in to retail locations, concerts or events through their smart phone and leave a message or take a picture for other users when they check-in. These messages can be valuable when deciding on which neighborly coffee shop to visit or when deciding on which menu item to order. Considered gaming, users can also compete for rankings and are rewarded, through Foursquare, with badges and titles for other users to see when they eventually check-in.

Retailers are rewarding their customers check-in’s by responding, interacting and rewarding those who are frequent visitors. D&B Supply is excited to start a pilot program in our Boise, Idaho store by rewarding Foursquare players with a Loyalty Special during the month of February. After your 2nd check-in during the month of February, you will receive a FREE Nut Roll. Just check in and show the message to the cashier. Of course you can only unlock the offer once, so enjoy every salty-sweet bite of your Nut Roll. Again, this is only a pilot program in our Boise store but if all goes well, expect other specials such as, Check-In, Newbie and Mayor Specials at all eleven D&B Supply stores.

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