We thought we would kick off 2012 by awarding someone with a $100 gift card to their favorite D&B Supply store.

Why Enter
We are switching texting carriers to better serve our customers, therefore we are starting a list from scratch. All we ask is that you join, or re-join, our texting program. This form of communication has been a lot of fun. We gave away quite a few pair of Wrangler jeans during rodeo season and helped a few customers as well. We want to be there for our customers where they feel the most comfortable speaking with us and of course winning stuff is a great reason too.

How to Win
We have an Idaho and Oregon number you can text in to. Either number is fine, but you will only be entered in to win the gift card once. The winner will be sent a text on January 2nd, 2012. Here you go and good luck!

Text “Hello” to 2086960117
Text “Hello” to 5413628875


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